Now Booking Final 2014 Dates

DX2 - Speaker AdIf you are seeking a passionate, entertaining, humorous, and relatable speaker for your upcoming conference, consider Doug Douglas. While his business expertise lies in the HR world (recruiting / talent acquisition), he is also experienced and comfortable speaking on a wider variety of more general topics. SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) currently has Doug rated as one of their top 5 speakers.

Through almost 20 years as a minister, Doug honed his skills as a speaker and learned the art of meeting the listener right where they are. His ability to engage a senior executive, or a fresh college grad in their first job, has proven to be very beneficial for him. Doug enjoys keeping his audiences off guard by using a non-traditional catchy title, top-notch presentation graphics,  and humorous stories to illustrate a key point. Douglas states, “I believe it’s important not to be predictable when speaking to an individual or an audience. It keeps their interest high. But you better know your stuff if you take this approach because you can only get by so long with fluff. We live in this information overload world where we can find data on just about anything. I don’t want to repeat what everyone else says. I want to identify the issue at hand and then bring the listener alongside me as together we discover the resolution.”

One of Doug’s most recognized and requested presentations deals with Gen Y. Listeners rave about the information received at the conclusion of this presentation because of its accuracy, identification of business issues that need to be addressed, and how to swing the odds in your favor of attracting, managing, and retaining this generation. Even Gen Y listeners unanimously admit after this session that Doug “nailed it.”

Another unique aspect of Doug’s life is his battle with cancer just two short years ago. He endured three major surgeries in six weeks to remove 16 tumors, including a life saving emergency surgery when he was fading fast. Prior to this experience, Doug’s priorities were wealth, recognition, power, reputation, winning at all costs. He went into the hospital as a cut-throat and aggressive man, but he left a humbled, gentle, and appreciative man. This experience reshaped and refocused Doug’s priorities to those of faith, family, and friendships. He is still a believer in hard work, and he still wants to have a comfortable life for himself and his family, but he places a higher priority on meaningful conversations and getting to know people at a deep level. His message and story of survival will inspire your audience.

Take a few minutes to consider if you, your company, your group/association, or your event could benefit from having Doug share with you. For more information, you can reach out to Doug directly at He does not work through an agency, so he does have some flexibility on working with varying budgets.

Score and Comments from one of Doug’s most recent SHRM presentations:

Effectiveness of Doug Douglas as a presenter: 97.3% (16% higher than the average presenter on SHRM)

Usefulness of the information: 99.1% (one of the best scores in the history of SHRM)

What grade would you give this presentation: A/B = 96.8% (average score for A/B is 90%)

Quotes from attendees:

  •  As always a great presentation from a great presenter. Please continue bringing Mr. Doug Douglas back!
  • Doug Douglas was a very engaging presenter.
  • Doug Douglas was an amazing presenter; he has a true message and passion for his work and has linked it to giving back.  I heard so much echoed of my own thoughts and feelings toward recruiting.  Thank you for bringing him to SHRM. I will be contacting him.  WOW!
  • Doug Douglas was on the money – excellent !
  • Doug was a great presenter! He added humor, facts, human perspective and inflection in his message. I found it very interesting and am trying to figure out what my role is in sharing this information!
  • Excellent information, will follow Doug Douglas.
  • Greatly enjoyed the learning experience as presented by Doug Douglas.  I will definitely be an avid blog follower after this presentation.  Thank you for having him present.
  • I will attend additional SHRM presentations based on my experience with this one.

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