A Resolution to Rev Up

rev upWell, we made it! Another year is coming to a close. For some it might have been smooth sailing and highly productive, and for others it might have been filled with difficulties and setbacks. But there’s a cool thing that happens around the start of the New Year – in our minds we see it as a place to draw a line in the sand and firmly commit to doing some of those things that we know we should have been doing…but just kept putting it off for some reason or another. Some see it as a way to wipe the slate clean and get a redo. Others are just bent towards trying to improve constantly. Or maybe we make these resolutions because of peer pressure and a sense of obligation. 40-45% of Americans will make at least one resolution as they kick off 2014. I’m not sure what exactly it is that makes us believe that January 1 is a better day to begin doing what we should than December 31 – but it just happens that way.

One of those things that a lot of employers put off – even though they know they need to make some changes and see improvement – is in the area of recruiting (talent acquisition). The most important decision that a business owner can make is who they will hire to go and represent their brand and deliver on their solutions, products or services. It’s important! It’s not about who has the correct skills and experience on their resume, but it’s about the total candidate. That means considering the candidate’s functional ability to do the job for sure, but it also addresses motivation, personality, drivers, and behaviors and how those match up with your existing team. How many times have you hired someone who looked perfect on paper, but when they came aboard you discovered that their attitude and motivation was the opposite of your team and it was a disaster? That can sometimes shut down a team.

It’s more than just picking the right candidate out of the bunch though. That would be like taking your car in for a tune up and all they do is check the tire pressure. It involves many elements of recruiting:

  • Strategies
  • Processes
  • Technologies
  • Social Media efforts
  • Spending
  • Metrics
  • Team structure
  • Team performance

As 2014 rapidly approaches, consider having a recruiting tune up – a comprehensive one. Let me ask you: If I could lower your turnover, reduce your recruitment costs, reduce your lost opportunity costs, and increase your productivity and profits – wouldn’t that at least be worth a quick phone call to explore the possibility? 2014 will certainly pose challenges for companies: healthcare, for some needing to stay at 49 employees (maybe adding contractors instead), some will need to make sure workers stay at 29 hours per week so they won’t be considered a full-time employee, shortages in skilled workforce, etc. Don’t let recruiting be another challenge for you. Let’s get that fixed and ready from the very start.

If interested, reach out to me at info@dx2consulting.com.


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