No, You Can’t…Shut Up! I’ll Prove You Wrong!

579161_10151113583682344_385987873_nI cannot express how proud I am of my daughter at this very moment!

She started playing basketball when she was 7. She has continued to play and improve all these years later. In middle school, she was a B Team player. When she got to high school last year, all Freshmen can play and have no cuts…but again, she was on the B Team. She was always asked to play as a post player (that means go play against the biggest girls) even though she wasn’t near big enough to be a post.

At the end of last season, her coach called her in and told her that she probably wasn’t going to make the team as a sophomore, but she could try to prove him wrong. She was also going to have to change positions and play as a wing/guard.

So we went to work! As soon as her season ended, she started playing in an AAU club team, and I

was one of the coaches. She practiced twice a week and played in tournaments against monster girls every weekend. We also

hired a private coach to work with her twice a week. Then we started a skills academy that I coach, where she practiced twice a week. She also was a part of an off season speed and agility program at her

school. She literally play

ed basketball and worked out every day for 4-5 hours. As a family, it was a big sacrifice as the programs that I ran – I ran them for free so all of the girls could have the same opportunities that my daughter was having, and it cost me thousands!

School started back and she had the opportunity to show her improvement…and she really had improved! But she was told it was still a long shot for her to make the team. As recently as two weeks ago, the coach told her flat out that he didn’t think she was going to make it…but she still had two more weeks to prove him wrong.


Today, after 8 months of hard work, sweat, blood, tears, fights, injuries, and wondering if it was all worth it…the coach called her aside (a day before the team announcements are made) and told her that he appreciated all of her hard work and that she didn’t need to stress…she had earned a spot on the JV team for this year!

Now, she may not ever start, or even play much at all, but my gosh….what an accomplishment! She overcame and endured so much!

The bigger lesson here is that hard work is never a waste of time! Even if she hadn’t made the team…that is still the biggest lesson. Just because someone says you aren’t good enough or talented enough or big enough or fast enough or whatever, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it and give up. I’m happy that she made the team, but I’m proud of the will, drive, and determination that she showed in order for that to happen


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