The Best of Both Worlds Webcast

Best of Both WorldsImagine for a second what it would be like if Batman and Superman were morphed into the same person. Pretty awesome, huh? You have one guy with all of the tools and gadgets, and the other guy with super human abilities, and combined they would just be unstoppable! What if the same kind of thing were to happen within recruiting? What if you could take the strengths of the corporate recruiter, and the strengths of the agency recruiter, and morph them into the same team? That would be pretty awesome too…and I believe it can be done!

Tomorrow – Tuesday, October 29 at Noon Central (1:00 Eastern), come and find out more about how this type of model would look and operate. The Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Approach to Talent Acquisition webcast is through SHRM, so only SHRM members will be able to hear it – HOWEVER – anyone can join my IRM – Integrated Recruitment Model group on LinkedIn and we will be sharing discussions pertaining to this model after the webcast ends. I’ll also be posting a link so that you can read the transcript of the presentation.

Sign up now if you’re a SHRM member, and if you’re not – join the LinkedIn group!


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