A Matter of Perspective

microscope-orange-juiceAll of us have areas of our lives where we feel like we are the authority and we know more about it than anyone else. Afterall, we live it, breathe it, and even sometimes worry over it. The same is true of our business or our specific role within a company. We are the SME (Subject Matter Expert). However, sometimes we get so close to a situation, absorbing ourselves in it, that we lose a bit of perspective. We can’t see the big picture, because we are so close to a smaller section of the picture. Like the pictures throughout this post. They are common, everyday things that have been placed under a microscope. By being so close to these things, we can no longer even tell what the big picture is – it’s unrecognizable. Like the first picture, it’s orange juice.

For a few years now, I have been speaking about the changing generations in our workforce – that transition from Baby Boomers to Gen Y (Millennials). I work within recruiting, and the methods we have used for the past 15-20 years just won’t work on this new generation because they are literally wired differently. They are the first generation to grow up with the internet accessible to them every day of their lives. This has reshaped how they communicate with each other, solve problems, and the way they approach their careers. We all acknowledge that the internet has changed the way the  world operates – but somehow – probably because you are close to it – you think recruiting hasn’t been impacted by it and we can continue to do the same old things.


I routinely go into various types of companies and lead a full evaluation of their recruitment strategies, processes, technologies, social media, and people, and then make recommendations on how to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. I applaud the companies that bring me in because they have realized that they may be a bit close to the situation and need a fresh perspective to see the big picture – the reality of the way things are and what troubles may be facing them in the near future. (That second picture is toilet paper.) They allow me to interview the leadership of their recruitment team, individual recruiters, and then internal managers who are most impacted by the recruitment efforts of the company. It’s always interesting to hear from those managers because they are further removed than the recruiters themselves and they see things very differently…but the recruiters never noticed (too close to the situation).

So if you are reading this post today, ask yourself…”Is it possible that what I perceive to be reality is not the same perception that others around me might have? Am I emotionally tied, in some way, to our process to see the flaws that may be present?” Comfort and habit are funny things. They trap us into thinking that everything is okay and nothing needs to be improved. Likewise, change is a scary word. We are often afraid of the unknown. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken an honest look at what you’re doing…please reach out to me and let me give you a fresh perspective. I can often do the evaluation portion of the process in a full day…with a few days afterward to put together my recommendations. Reach out to me DDouglas@ppaac.com.

If you are reading this post just to try to guess what the pictures are, here are a few more so you can feel like this has been a wise use of your time. 🙂


Used Dental Floss




Toothbrush Bristles


Human Eye Lash




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