The Secret Sauce – Influence

Controlled businessmanInfluence is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behaviors, opinions, etc. of others.

It’s a very powerful thing, and the driving factor between success and failure, not just in business, but also in life. Klout seems to think they have a way of measuring someone’s influence by the number of connects and interactions you have on social media. Phooey! Influence isn’t a score, it’s an ability – maybe even a gift. There is no systematic and universal way that people must invite or accept friend requests to make their data even remotely useful. It’s a gimmick that has lots of people scurrying to try to raise their Klout score so they will feel important.

I’ve had teachers, coaches, ministers, friends, relatives that have influenced me in major ways, and none of them – at the time – even knew what a Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter was. They influenced me because of the human touch and the investment that they made into my life. I felt as though they had wisdom, and that they cared enough about me that they wouldn’t steer me wrong.

As a recruiter, as a sales guy, as an executive – a big portion of my job is to influence others. I influence potential new customers to deal with me because they find me to be a man of integrity, someone who keeps his word, and has a solution that solves a problem. I influence candidates to trust their careers to me as I introduce them to key leaders at organizations and guide them through a hiring process. I influence my team by letting them see that I care more about them as a person than I do about the bottom line. In each case, I invest myself in them, and in return, it gives me some layer of influence.

As the generational workforces shift, and Gen Y becomes an even larger focus, influence will be the key. The days of the typical recruiter will be done. Instead, we will hire influencers. The crowd we will be trying to reach demands human touch, collaboration, relationships. At the heart of it all – it demands HONEST influence.

It would be very cool if there was a way to just rank people with a score to see just what kind of influence they really have. Shoot, I was sucked into the Klout game myself when it first came out. But no longer. Influence can be seen in a very tangible way…the lives impacted and by those who seek you out at critical moments in their life.  If no one is coming to you, I would suggest that maybe you lack the investment in others.

Thoughts? (I’m just waiting for someone from Klout to come on here and blast away at me…hahaha!)


One response to “The Secret Sauce – Influence

  1. Here, here! Definitely agree with this – we are human beings and we crave having the interpersonal connection and it is a key component of the business; being able to influence others – which is based on our own integrity, our ethical practices and our trustworthiness.

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