Twerking with Obama

stephen-harper-kitten1In a lesson to be careful what you say and understand the meaning of what you say, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was at a luncheon with a few hundred non-profit volunteers when he expressed how much he enjoys “twerking but only does it with close friends and ‘every now and then with President Obama.'”

Oh, it doesn’t end there. Not even close! He further explained that he “has a lot of fun twerking but doesn’t get to do it often. A quick twerk is a great way to express what I’m thinking.” And finally, as the everyone sat there silently pondering this admission, he states, “What? Don’t I look like I twerk?”  No sir, you don’t. However, if you were the mayor of San Diego, everyone would readily accept that you probably do twerk.

The Prime Minister thought he was talking about tweeting, and mistakenly referred to it as twerking. His office later issued a release stating that the Prime Minister has never and will never twerk.

Look, we live in a fast-paced ever-changing world where we have new words and phrases added to our vocabulary each day. Everyone likes to appear to up to date with the latest and greatest rage, maybe thinking it makes them cooler or more approachable. But do yourself a favor – don’t try to too hard. Be yourself. And certainly don’t use a word that you aren’t confident is appropriate!


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