There’s a Blurred Line Between the Best of Both Worlds

mileyMiley Cyrus has been the topic of all the chatter since her performance Sunday night on the VMA’s (Video Music Awards). Most people came to know her as Hannah Montana, a squeaky clean young girl who tries to find a balance between being a “normal” person by day and a music icon by night. Her real life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, also played her dad on the show. But her actions this weekend might have just broken his achey breaky heart.

Hannah Montana was HUGE! Every little girl wanted to be her. They all watched her show, attended her concerts, and bought every piece of merchandise available. She was the Queen of the Tweens! But soon she started to outgrow the persona that had been built….and had the desire to be taken more seriously as an artist. The show ended and thus began her process of change.

The list of child stars who have made grown up and struggled to maintain any sort of normalcy is very long…Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Michael Jackson, and so on. I can understand how it might be difficult to make that transition. Adoration is a very powerful thing! And when it is perceived to have waned, some are desperate to get it back, no matter what it takes.

This is where the blurred line comes into play. How do you maintain relevance, and still be “normal” in an industry that doesn’t necessarily allow it? Image is king! Outrageous behavior is not only glorified, but required.

Miley is once again stuck trying to have the best of both worlds…and obviously she is willing to do anything to remain relevant. While some may say that she achieved what she set out to do…she did get everyone’s attention again and we are all still talking about her, but if her goal was to be taken seriously as an artist – she failed with her exhibition on Sunday night. She is now a punch line to a joke.

The message here…be true to who you are. Stay consistent. Don’t change in order to gain adoration….let people adore you for you!


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