How Millennial Am I?

Millennial_Generation_988325972Pew Research Center has an online quiz that will tell you the answer to that question. Technically, I am Gen X – and about as Gen X as you can get when you look at the dates associated with each generation. However, I tend to find myself thinking and behaving more like a Millennial, or Gen Y. See, I was a Student Pastor at various churches for almost 20 years before I entered the corporate world, and the students that I worked with…they are Millennials. I understand them. I know how how they communicate. I know how they reason. I know how they go about solving a problem. I get them. So as I began this quiz, I was fairly confident that my score would indicate that I am Very Millennial. Not so.

Apparently, you cannot be Millennial and be a Conservative, or attend church regularly…points are deducted from your score if these are true of you. Good Millennials must be Liberal and scoff at the notion of religion. I’m curious about why these would lower your score when Millennials were the groups that started doing lots of volunteer and mission work all over the world through the churches and youth groups that they grew up in. Where did they get that world view? I admit that a large portion of the generation leaves organized religion after they leave for college, but research also shows that they come back to it once they get married and start having families of their own.

On the other issues that this quiz addresses, I scored highly and my final score put me perfectly between Gen X and Millennial. Too bad I wasn’t an Obama fan, because that would have tilted it in my favor!

My Millenial Score

I applaud Millennials for the things that they demand of employers:

  • Collaborative work environments
  • Transparency
  • Variety in the work they do
  • Emphasis on work/life balance
  • Remote work possibilities
  • Receiving feedback and encouragement for their efforts
  • Social consciousness

Gen X, Baby Boomers, we all wanted those same things in the generations before them, but we just didn’t demand it. Previous generations were happy to have a job, and we committed to that job – even if they didn’t reward us the way we felt they should. Millennials will commit to a company, and if they aren’t treated the way they felt they should be, they’ll leave….and maybe go start their own company and become your competition! The more I reflect on this, I want to be a better Millennial!!!


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