Latest SHRM Ratings – R.I.P. Recruiting

shrmA couple of weeks ago, I led my latest webcast on SHRM called “R.I.P. Recruiting.” This session focused on the new recruiting model that will be necessary in order to reach today’s talent, and the importance of keeping “human” the priority in “Human Resources.” The session received a huge turnout and I wanted to share the results as provided by SHRM. I’ll also provide a link to the transcript of the session so you can check it out if you missed the webcast.

Effectiveness of Doug Douglas as a presenter: 97.3% (16% higher than the average presenter on SHRM)

Usefulness of the information: 99.1% (one of the best scores in the history of SHRM webcasts)

What grade would you give this presentation: A/B = 96.8% (average score for A/B is 90%)

Quotes from attendees:

  •  As always a great webinar from a great presenter. Please continue bringing Mr. Doug Douglas back!
  • Doug Douglas was a very engaging presenter.
  • Doug Douglas was an amazing presenter; he has a true message and passion for his work and has linked it to giving back.  I heard so much echoed of my own thoughts and feelings toward recruiting.  Thank you for bringing him to SHRM webcasts. I will be contacting him.  WOW!
  • Doug Douglas was on the money – excellent !
  • Doug was a great presenter! He added humor, facts, human perspective and inflection in his message. I found it very interesting and am trying to figure out what my role is in sharing this information!
  • Excellent information, will follow Doug Douglas.
  • Greatly enjoyed the learning experience as presented by Doug Douglas.  I will definitely be an avid blog follower after viewing this webcast.  Thank you for having him present.
  • I will attend additional SHRM webinars based on my experience with this one.
  • This should be shown to CEOs and government agencies.

If you would like to check out the transcript of this session, go here.


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