Old School: Recruiter / New School: Influencer

influencerFor a couple of years now, I have been speaking with HR leaders from around the world on the coming transformation in Recruiting. A good deal of the need for change is based on generational issues, but also an important factor is the loss of “Human” in the whole “Human Resources” world. Last Thursday, I spoke with a very large group of HR leaders through SHRM and we addressed this issue head on. I mentioned some of the reasons for change, and what changes need to be made, and one of the issues is that the skill set of the next generation “recruiter” will be the ability to be a world-class “influencer.”

An Influencer is someone who can make other rave about their brand. This is done through engagement and building a trust and rapport with others. It’s a transparent and collaborative relationship, not the ones robed in secrecy and distrust that so many recruiters have today.

I am now in my own search for Sourcers and Influencers at my own place of business. I am hoping that the best of the best will rise to the top and make themselves known through direct contact with me, or through referrals built through other relationships. I’m excited about the search…and interested in how this will all go down. I believe that the people that I need may not have the experience that others may seek in our industry…and that’s okay. I am much more interested in finding people with the right motivators, drivers, personality, and behaviors, and if I can find that…I can train them in how to do what I do.

So, the search is on! Let’s see where it takes me!


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