Iceman or Maverick?

iceman maverickI know some people invest heavily in creating spaces specifically for coming up with brilliant new ideas, concepts, creations, artwork, etc. I am sure that for them, this has worked for them to some degree. As for me, I also have environments where I tend to flourish in the planning and ideas that I come up with – places like the shower, my car, or lying in bed and trying to fall asleep. None of these easily accommodate me being able to readily take down notes and map things out, but the ideas come in these places nonetheless.

My thought today…When looking for a new employee, do I want Iceman or do I want Maverick? Of course, I am referring to the movie “Top Gun” and the two rival pilots who seemed to always be going head to head. Both would have advantages and disadvantages to consider. Things like…


  • Consistent
  • Steady
  • Top Performer
  • Predictable
  • Process Oriented
  • Confident


  • Top Performer
  • Confident
  • Unpredictable
  • Inconsistent
  • Creative
  •  Ability to win big / or lose big

When it comes down to it, you would have to consider the environment the person would be working in, and the manager this person would report to. Maverick would drive some managers crazy with his antics, but he gives you a cutting edge creativity that could surprise everyone with a huge win…or he could crash and burn because of his unyielding desire to do things his way instead of following established processes. Iceman is the safe bet because you know you are getting a consistent top performer who follows the process every time without fail. He’s predictable.

Did that word sound negative to you? Predictable. When did predictable become a negative? He always performed far above everyone else, except for those few occasions when Maverick did his own thing and surprised everyone. Is the potential for the big score more important than predictable greatness? I was a fan of Maverick in the movie, and I thought Iceman was a jerk. But which would do my business the most good?

I am very process oriented. I like to see consistent results from those who work for me. It helps me to plan and know what I can commit to or what issues may come about before I ever close a new deal with a client. As much as it pains me, I’d have to pick Iceman. As my business grows, I can see where I would have room for a few Mavericks on the team, but where I am today – where every person matters greatly to the success or failure of what we do…Iceman is the way to go.

Tell me where I’m wrong in my thinking!


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