Cancer Free – Year 1


One year ago today, I sat in an office at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas awaiting the news from one of a handful of specialist who worked with my type of cancer. The tests had been completed – we were just waiting for the results. How do you think you would feel in that situation?

The doctor entered – a man of few words – and simply said, “There is no cancer.” We asked, “Does that mean I am in remission?” “No. You have absolutely no cancer at this time. It’s gone. All of it. There is no reason for treatments because there is nothing to treat.” After just a few minutes, he stood and exited the room with my wife and I just looking at each other. It had been a long, HARD journey and now, it was over – hopefully forever.

I had thousands of people around the world who had been faithfully praying for me, and many ho were anxiously awaiting a social media post to give them then news. We obviously felt relief at the news, but we weren’t quite sure what to do next since this had been the main focus and priority of every day for many months.  The thing that I guess was the biggest issue for me was all of the prayers that I had said, the discussions with God questioning what He was doing and why He was allowing this. I had a few really stern conversations with God over those months. But when it came down to it – He was already working to heal me. I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t hear it. I couldn’t sense it. But He was at work within me if I recognized it or not – much like He is working in your life right now if you recognize it or not. It was hard to reconcile just when I was healed and maybe what my attitude had been towards God even after I was cancer free and just hadn’t been told yet.

One year later, I’m active. I appreciate life. I value relationships, deep conversations, and the opportunity to show someone that they matter to me. A year ago, I was having trouble walking from one room to another room. Now, I will soon run my 2nd 5K in a few weeks.

The Bible tells us that life is but a vapor that appears for a little while and then it vanishes. How true. Live your life in a way that it matters. Cherish family, friends, and those important people around you. Everything can change in a moment.



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