Audience Feedback from The New Recruiting Paradigm








Last week, I had a great time speaking to over 1200 people in a webcast for SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management). We spoke about the current state of recruiting, trends that organizations are using currently that are pretty creattive, and then what I believe the future of recruiting will look like. I had a great response and have been able to start many new conversations on the heels of that event.

Although I don’t get an attendee list or contact info from those who attend the session, some reach out to me afterwards and want to connect – which I love! But SHRM does send me feedback based on audience polling so I can see the immediate responses and impact that it made. I thought I would share some with you today. You will see the question posed – how the audience scored it – and then comments from SHRM regarding those responses.

From SHRM…

Based on the results, I can assure you: THIS IS THE BEST-RECEIVED PROGRAM WE’VE DONE THIS YEAR. Now, admittedly, the year is young. But, it’s hard to imagine any other program being able to meet the marks you scored below. I’ve provided some benchmarks/observations, offset with ” =====> ”  The response rate is between 372 and 381 for all questions.



How would you rate Doug Douglas as a webcast presenter?

Excellent – 66.1%

Good – 32.1%

Average – 1.8%

Below average – 0

====> The median combined excellent/good scores is 90%. You come in at 98% + . A word to describe such a showing: Wow. And, the median “Excellent” only score is 50%. Having 0 “Below averages” is highly unusual.


How useful was the information provided during the webcast?

Very useful -78.8%

Somewhat useful  – 21.0%

Not very useful – .2%

====> The median “not very useful” score is around 7%. Yours is .2%. Outstanding — these are near all-time high numbers.


Taking the presenter, information and Q&A into account, what grade would you assign to this webcast (with A being the highest)?

A – 64.9%

B – 33.1%

C – 2.1%

D – 0

F – 0

====> The median percentage for A+B grades is 89%. Yours is 98%. Again an impressive showing. It’s very unusual for a speaker not to get any “D” ratings. (Fs, on the other hand, are rare.) Usually, there are a few folks who either didn’t hear what they expected to, or take it out on the speaker if something else bugged them (e.g., they didn’t like the interface, they are having a lousy day at work, etc.). Not for you — this is one of our best scores ever.


Would you recommend this webcast to a colleague interested in this topic?

Yes – 98.6%

No – 1.4%

====> I always consider this to be the most important question: Was there enough there to recommend the program to someone. Median score is near 93, which is a high score. You are well above that.


How close did the content presented in this program come to what you were expecting?

Exactly/Very close – 64.4%

Somewhat close – 32.0%

Not close at all – 0.1%

Not sure/no expectations – 3.5%

====> I include this question for under-performing webcasts, to get a sense if part of the problem might be with the way the program was described in the promotional material. Not surprisingly, given your high scores, you delivered what folks were expecting to hear. The .1% score is the lowest ever.


SHRM also sent me some quotes from audience members – which I love to read! Here are a few of those as well…

  • Excellent – thanks for the great information!
  • Exceptional presentation.  Great content with very useful information.
  • Good use of time to listen to this webcast.
  • Good webcast.  Great to hear about some fresh ideas and what other companies are doing with their recruiting struggles
  • Great ideas! Being a member of “Gen Y” I completely agree with the motivations and frustrations that the mentioned candidates have.
  • Great information and very engaging presentation today. Thanks!
  • Great job Doug!
  • Great presentation!  Very timely for me. The content is very useful.
  • Great presentation.  Made me realize that the human element is still important in the recruiting process.
  • Great references on current technology utilized in the recruiting field.
  • I enjoyed the presentation.  I look forward to participating in future webcasts.
  •  I thought it was one of the best webcasts I’ve participated in.  Presenter was very interesting.
  • I would have loved a more detailed presentation by this speaker.
  • I’m a first attendee and really enjoyed this program.  I look forward to attend other programs in the coming year.
  • Mr. Doug Douglas is the best presenter! Please bring him back. His point of view is urgently needed in light of the new changes the recruitment field is/will be facing.
  • Mr. Douglas data is 100% accurate!  Thank you.
  • One of the best presentations that I have attended.  Very relavent and useful information!
  • One of the best speakers I have heard in over a year.  High energy, good sense of humor, but most important…..current, relevant information shared here.
  • Overall, right on target.