National Boss Day







People respond very differently when they hear the word “boss.” For some, fear overwhelms them as they try to behave perfectly and hope that he/she will soon pass. For others, they get out the lip balm as they prepare to start kissing up. Others, it impacts them very little. While others may be glad for the opportunity to say hello and shake a hand.

I’ve experienced a wide range of emotons over the course of my career when it comes to the people I reported to. My very first boss was my dad. I worked for him for 9 years. He owned a small HVAC company in Dallas and I worked alongside him every day. I’m grateful for the example that he was to me – his customers came first. He would move Heaven and Earth to try to keep his commitments, timelines, and budgets. He worked long hours – and by the nature of the job – not always in a pleasant working environment. It gets really hot in Texas during the summer, sometimes 110-115+. Then imagine crawling into an attic where it could be 150-160. He never complained.

Other bosses I’ve had have ruled through intimidation. I’m not sure why they felt like fear was the best way to get results, but they did. Even though I didn’t enjoy this environment, it also helped me to be a better employee. It taught me about the importance of choosing the right time and the right attitude when approaching them. It forced me to have all of my information and details ready to defend my point. I also had to learn to try to find the best in people.

I’ve also had those bosses who allow me to do the things that they hired me to do and were my biggest cheerleaders. Having the support of a manager is so important. For me, my best work is done when I have the freedom to be innovative and take some chances without having to fear for my job. These are the people that I model myself after as I manage people and projects.

No matter what kind of boss you have – you can still be thankful. You can learn something from them, and most certainly learn something about yourself. Take a second tody to just say…thanks!


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