Now She Gets It




I spent some time yesterday at a networking event in Austin. Among the attendees was the VP of HR at Catapult Systems (I won’t publish her name here because sales people are vultures and they’ll start contacting her and saying that I suggested it – nope). I was able to spend 10 minutes or so with her and we began to discuss the generation gaps at work and what Catapult is doing to address it. While she feels like there’s more that they could be doing to improve, she told me that they have a business partner come in and lead sessions on Gen Y – what they are looking for, how best to manage them, ways to retain them, etc. While I was disappointed that I wasn’t the person she had coming to lead those presentations, I was thrilled to hear that she had noticed the need and taken action.

We also discussed how I see the strategy of recruiting changing significantly in the next 3 years – more of a “pipeline” approach rather than a “just in time” strategy that most have today. She told me that they were already offering internships to high school seniors now so that they can begin to make an impression on them and hopefully transition them into Catapult once they finished college. I have been advocating this approach for a while and it was very cool to meet someone who is already doing it!

Forward thinking and addressing areas that maybe aren’t a HUGE deal right now – but will be soon – is true leadership. I am so thankful that I was able to meet this person yesterday as it validated so many of the things that I speak about and suggest to others.


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