Two Great Webcasts You Won’t Want to Miss!

October 25th at 12:30 Eastern –

Maybe you have a RPO engagement currently, or you are considering one, or maybe you don’t think RPO is right for you but you still need to recruit people. Victorious Secret will help you see the dramatic differences in capturing the attention of Gen Y and building your employment brand. If you think a couple of job postings and a few emails will get the job done, you’re in for a HUGE surprise! Pre-register now and then invite some of your colleagues to join you! Go to:

November 8th at 1:00 Eastern –

You know your recruiting strategy and processes need to be updated, but it is just too overwhelming and time consuming to address it right now. Well, here is your gift! In Extreme Makeover, you will get the full strategy handed to you. Of course, you’ll need to make some adjustments to fit your unique situation, but the heavy lifting has already been done for you. Get your entire team to join you for this session! Pre-register today at:


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