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I received an email today from a webcast manager at SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) who provided me with the metrics around my most recent webcast presentation. I was thrilled with the responses and wanted to share them with you. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a presenter to focus on HR/Recruiting, please keep me in mind. I do not mind doing research focused on a new topic if you have something in mind.

What you will see below are the questions asked of the attendees and the percentages of their rankings. When you see an arrow, those are the comments from the webcast manager and his thoughts as someone who evaluates all speakers and all presentations.

1) How would you rate Doug Douglas as a webcast presenter?

  •     Excellent – 57.5%
  •     Good – 38.7%
  •     Average 3.8%
  •     Below average – 0 (as in zero — that’s not rounded, no one selected this option)

====> I generally combine the “good” and “excellent” score. 96% + saying good or excellent is a great number — top 5% of SHRM webcast presenters. We rarely get 0 “below average” responses.

2) How useful was the information provided during the webcast:

  •      Very – 68.5%
  •      Somewhat – 30.8%
  •      Not very – .7%

===> This is a very good response, the “very” answer in the top 15% of SHRM webcasts. The “Not Very” score (less than 1%) is among the best we’ve ever seen.

3) Taking the presenter, information and Q&A into account, what grade would you assign to this webcast (with A being the highest)?

  •      A – 64.2%
  •      B – 33.2%
  •      C – 3.5%
  •      D – 0
  •      F – 0

=====> Among the best marks I’ve ever seen. We rarely get “F”s, but usually there’s a smattering of “D”s. You had neither! And, 97% gave the program an A or B (i.e., better than average). That’s a great result.

4) Would you recommend this webcast to a colleague interested in this topic?

  •       Yes – 92.6%
  •       No – 7.4%

====> I always think this is the most important question we ask. Regardless of expectations, or whether it met the speaker’s specific needs, was the program good enough to recommend to a colleague? This is a great score — who wouldn’t want a 92% approval rating? This places your program in the top 15% of all webcasts. Thank you for that!


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