Now She Gets It




I spent some time yesterday at a networking event in Austin. Among the attendees was the VP of HR at Catapult Systems (I won’t publish her name here because sales people are vultures and they’ll start contacting her and saying that I suggested it – nope). I was able to spend 10 minutes or so with her and we began to discuss the generation gaps at work and what Catapult is doing to address it. While she feels like there’s more that they could be doing to improve, she told me that they have a business partner come in and lead sessions on Gen Y – what they are looking for, how best to manage them, ways to retain them, etc. While I was disappointed that I wasn’t the person she had coming to lead those presentations, I was thrilled to hear that she had noticed the need and taken action.

We also discussed how I see the strategy of recruiting changing significantly in the next 3 years – more of a “pipeline” approach rather than a “just in time” strategy that most have today. She told me that they were already offering internships to high school seniors now so that they can begin to make an impression on them and hopefully transition them into Catapult once they finished college. I have been advocating this approach for a while and it was very cool to meet someone who is already doing it!

Forward thinking and addressing areas that maybe aren’t a HUGE deal right now – but will be soon – is true leadership. I am so thankful that I was able to meet this person yesterday as it validated so many of the things that I speak about and suggest to others.


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I wanted to make you aware of a couple of other ways to follow me. My new website is now up and you can find it here. This will give you my bio, resume, recommendations, and a contact page to reach out to me. Send me your thoughts after you check it out!

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Affordable? Care Act (Obamacare)


The 2700 page Affordable Care Act – a.k.a. Obamacare – has defined a full-time employee as someone who works 30 hours per week. By the way, 18 pages of that 2700 page document were spent providing this definition. Employers will be required to cover workers at this threshold and above. Previously, it was assumed that it would be employees who work 40+ hours per week. Obviously this places a larger financial burden on companies than what they were expecting.

I’m curious though, does this new definition also mean that anyone who is paid hourly will be entitled to overtime pay once they reach the 30 hour mark instead of the traditional 40 hours? How does this new definition impact the bottom line for companies in other ways? Will this promote job growth or more lay-offs?

Coming Soon




I have been in contact with about my next webcasts. It looks like I will be leading a brand new session on October 25 at 12:30 Eastern. This session will focus on RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and the adaptations that need to be made to attract the new generation workforce. I’ve not come up with a title for this yet, but I’ll promote it very soon!

I’ve also been asked to repeat one of my previous webcasts for their entire audience as a stand alone presentation in November. This session will be the Extreme Makeover: Recruiting Edition session that I did a couple of months back and received great reviews and feedback. No specific date has been assigned yet, but I will post it once the final arrangements have been confirmed.

What SHRM Says






I received an email today from a webcast manager at SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) who provided me with the metrics around my most recent webcast presentation. I was thrilled with the responses and wanted to share them with you. If you, or someone you know, is looking for a presenter to focus on HR/Recruiting, please keep me in mind. I do not mind doing research focused on a new topic if you have something in mind.

What you will see below are the questions asked of the attendees and the percentages of their rankings. When you see an arrow, those are the comments from the webcast manager and his thoughts as someone who evaluates all speakers and all presentations.

1) How would you rate Doug Douglas as a webcast presenter?

  •     Excellent – 57.5%
  •     Good – 38.7%
  •     Average 3.8%
  •     Below average – 0 (as in zero — that’s not rounded, no one selected this option)

====> I generally combine the “good” and “excellent” score. 96% + saying good or excellent is a great number — top 5% of SHRM webcast presenters. We rarely get 0 “below average” responses.

2) How useful was the information provided during the webcast:

  •      Very – 68.5%
  •      Somewhat – 30.8%
  •      Not very – .7%

===> This is a very good response, the “very” answer in the top 15% of SHRM webcasts. The “Not Very” score (less than 1%) is among the best we’ve ever seen.

3) Taking the presenter, information and Q&A into account, what grade would you assign to this webcast (with A being the highest)?

  •      A – 64.2%
  •      B – 33.2%
  •      C – 3.5%
  •      D – 0
  •      F – 0

=====> Among the best marks I’ve ever seen. We rarely get “F”s, but usually there’s a smattering of “D”s. You had neither! And, 97% gave the program an A or B (i.e., better than average). That’s a great result.

4) Would you recommend this webcast to a colleague interested in this topic?

  •       Yes – 92.6%
  •       No – 7.4%

====> I always think this is the most important question we ask. Regardless of expectations, or whether it met the speaker’s specific needs, was the program good enough to recommend to a colleague? This is a great score — who wouldn’t want a 92% approval rating? This places your program in the top 15% of all webcasts. Thank you for that!