Extreme Makeover – Recruiting Edition






Extreme Makeover – Recruiting Edition

Presented by: Doug Douglas – National Engagement Manager at Stark

Extreme Makeover is a concept that broken onto the scene several years ago and featured personal and home makeovers. One show would take people who had some form of disfigurement or physical embarrassment and would put them through all sorts of plastic surgery until they would be completely transformed. Another show would focus just on those who were severely overweight and would put them on a diet and exercise regimen until they had reshaped their body into someone almost unrecognizable. Another would find families who had come upon hard times and were living in conditions that were undesirable at the very least, and unsafe most often. They would tear down the old house, and within a week, they would rebuild a dream home for the family.

In all cases, the show comes from the angle that the current situation is not acceptable and radical changes need to take place for you to be much better off. In a lot of the people who have been impacted by these shows, that is probably 100% true. But in other cases, the truth is that minor changes probably could have been made and the person on the receiving end probably would have been thrilled and would have been adequate. For the record, I love these shows. They make you feel good that people are out there who can bring about change to others who need it. It’s inspiring to see the tears of joy that so many express when their world is changed.

I am by no means an “old-timer” when it comes to recruiting. I run into people every day who have been recruiting much longer than me. One of the things that I like to do when I encounter those individuals is to talk a little shop with them. I am a student of recruiting strategies, workflows, sourcing techniques, recruiting technologies, current trends, etc.  More often than not, I find that their basic approach to sourcing candidates, screening candidates, and presenting candidates has not changed much at all in the 15-20-25 years they have been in recruiting. I also have learned that they hate people like me who question everything and wonder if there is a better way.

Not only do I believe that a lot of companies could stand an Extreme Makeover in their Recruiting efforts, I think they are either going to be forced into one over the next few years, or they will fall into a desperate situation. But I also want to make it clear that not everyone needs an EXTREME makeover, some could just do with some minor changes and fresh thinking.

I have over 1200 contacts on Linked In, a few hundred friends on Facebook, I have a good deal of followers on Twitter and on my Facebook Fan Page and my blog. A few weeks ago, I polled them. I asked, “If you could only commit one hour to a webinar, what is the topic that you would make time for?” The overwhelming answer came back – “We know that we need to update or change our recruiting strategies and processes, but can you show us how it should look? Guide us through what an effective model looks like.”

So, here it is. I am going to tackle this BIG issue and walk you through how to establish an effective recruiting strategy, stellar sourcing and screening processes, the best technologies, and the mindset and goals of your recruiting staff should grasp. AND, it’s only going to take an hour – just like the TV shows.


Stop with the Lists!

Are you aware that there are sites out that are wholly committed to sharing Top 10 Lists? That’s all….every kind of list imaginable, that’s all they put on their sites. I wonder if there is a Top 10 List of Top 10 Lists sites to visit???

It irritates me when people try to sound like an authority on something by publishing a list of things can’t be quantified. For example, we have an Applicant Tracking System internally that is not useful at all to me. I run a tight process, lots of automation in there, mixed in with a lot of human interaction. For this process, the ATS we have sucks! So we have been assessing other ATS’s so we can find one that actually does something other than store resumes. One of our owners sent me a Top 10 List of Applicant Tracking Systems – and guess which one was #2? That’s right, the one that is useless. I consider it #2 as well, but in a different context!

The problem with a list like that is that you cannot possibly rank Applicant Tracking Systems unless you poll companies who have the exact same volume, exact same process, work on the exact same type of jobs, exact same automation needs, exact same 3rd party vendors to integrate with, and on and on and on. So our owner makes the comment, “Apparently our system is a good choice.” based on this list. Apparently other people look at lists like that too and fall for it without considering any factors whatsoever. “The list must be accurate…I mean, it’s a list…a ranking…by someone on the internet. If it’s on the internet, it must be true.”

So, enough with meaningless lists!