Too Busy to Do It Right

Too Busy to Do It Right

Doug Douglas – National Engagement Manager at Stark

January 27, 2012


I grew up with parents who were perfectionists. They believed that everything should be done at the very highest level, and they worked very hard to accomplish that goal. They would also look for opportunities to go beyond what the average person would do, and make their project stand out above the rest. I didn’t always embrace this though as I recall many homework assignments where I did the minimum to get by, instead of doing my best. Those research papers of high school, I can’t recall anything that I did to make them stand apart from others that were submitted. As I’m now in my 40’s, I can see that I have morphed into a perfectionist as well. I try to do things correctly the first time so more time won’t be wasted going back and correcting something later. And in everything that I do, I try to find something that can make it stand out when compared to others.

In the world of business though, what priority do these things have?

  • Do we take the time to set up our organizations correctly the first time, or do things that set us apart from the competition?
  • Why is it that we get so busy that we delay, or sometimes even ignore, these basic fundamental aspects of an operation?
  • Is it possible that if doing things well, and setting ourselves apart from others, could actually make us more profitable?

Our businesses are made up of people – “brand ambassadors,” some might say. I would argue that the overall success of failure of your business is determined by the people that you select to represent it. If they are truly that important, should you regularly evaluate exactly what your recruiting efforts, strategies, and processes are to make sure you are:

  • Attracting the very best talent?
  • Making the process one that respects the candidate?
  • Hiring as efficiently and cost effectively as possible?
  • Building your own corporate brand in the marketplace?
  • Working smarter instead of harder?

Every year, I evaluate myself. I look to see where I am, what I’ve done, and where I’m headed. Then I do my best to make adjustments in areas of weakness, but also trying to enhance my strengths to make them even better! But what would happen if I was so busy that I never evaluated anything that I had done? Most likely, I would keep doing the same things….even if they were wrong things. I’ve heard it said that stupidity is doing the same old thing and expecting different results. But in my everyday dealings, I hear from executives and HR leadership that they are just too busy to evaluate the human capital aspects of their company – you know, those people who make or break your company, “brand ambassadors,” blah, blah, blah.

I approach companies and ask them if I could come and sit down with them for just a few hours and go through my Stark Recruitment Appraisal with them. In this appraisal, I look at everything within an organization’s recruitment strategies and processes, and then come back and make suggestions based on our company’s 20+ years of experience and knowledge from serving customers all around the world from every industry imagineable. It covers:

  • Recruitment Planning
  • Recruitment Advertising / Marketing / Branding
  • Recruitment Activities
  • Candidate Experience
  • Use of Technology
  • Total Base Case / Cost per Hire
  • Metrics / Data

The response I get most often? “I’m too busy.” Really? Well, why don’t we move it out on the calendar for a month or two from now and then you can prepare for it and plan for it? “I’m too busy.” Well, guess what? One of your competitors won’t be too busy and they will get the best talent because they take time to evaluate and improve themselves. Cost isn’t even a factor for these companies – I’ve even offered to drop our normal cost and do the appraisal at no cost because they are an existing customer or a personal contact, if they would just cover any travel expenses, still…”I’m too busy.”

In my experience, most HR organizations don’t know the real money they are spending in their recruitment efforts. They haven’t established a process to measure the correct areas. There are things/costs that they have never considered. But they keep doing things the same old way and expecting different results. I’m offering to come in and do the work for you – ask all of the right questions – and provide a roadmap for you that will ultimately cause your organization to hire the right people quicker, easier, and more cost effectively. There are no strings attached – take my recommendations or not. It’s completely up to you.

For the executive or HR leader out there who is reading this right now, I challenge you – let’s do things right! Take some time to evaluate and improve. I’ll come alongside you and walk you through it. Just contact me if you want my help.


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